Kepler Planet Candidate Data Explorer

The Kepler Planet Candidate Data Explorer gives you access to the latest set of Kepler planet candidates. The Kepler spacecraft has the most exquisitely sensitive light sensor (photometer) ever launched into space, monitoring over 150,000 stars simultaneously, to detect drops in starlight caused by transiting planets. To find out more about the Kepler mission, see the Kepler website.

Start exploring now!

With the Table Tool you can:
  • Add or remove columns
  • Sort by any column
  • Form custom tables using the Filter feature
  • Hover your cursor over column header to see what its filter code is and more
  • Choose units most suitable for your purposes
  • Export data as CSV files
With the Plots Tool you can
  • Choose any two data types as X and Y axes
  • Choose Scatter or Histogram style plots
  • Customize X and Y axis labels
  • Use Filter function to control what is displayed
  • Add Color scale and Marker scale dimensions to your plots
  • Show or hide error bars
  • Export plots

Use the Help pull-down menu on the top-right to learn about more features!

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